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Online Catalogue | Essences | Miscellaneous |  Guidelines for essence use

Guidelines for essence use

Online Catalogue | Essences | Miscellaneous |  Guidelines for essence use

Guidelines on How to Use Essences  - information

Guidelines on How to Use Essences - information


Guidelines for Use

This information is on the back of the hardcopy catalogue.

Order this or add this to your order to get a catalogue sent out to you.

GREEN MAN ESSENCES are handmade using traditional methods. The energy signatures are held in water and preserved in brandy.

All our essences are provided at “stock” level which allows you to dilute
3-7 drops in a dosage bottle containing a water or a 60/40 mix of alcohol.

Flower and vibrational essences have traditionally been taken by mouth, that is, a few drops placed in a small glass of water or in a small dropper bottle full of water. A few drops can be placed under the tongue

Some people find the following useful:

Putting a drop on the pulse points (wrists, throat, neck, forehead, soles of the feet)
Putting a few drops on your hands, rub them together and then sweep around the body, a few centimetres above the skin or clothes
Rub a drop of essence between your palms and then cup your hands near your nose and breathe in the essence as it evaporates
Put a few drops into an atomiser or sprayer containing water. Spray around the body or room
Add a few drops to some massage oil
Add drops to your bathwater
An essence can be very effective when placed upon a specific chakra or meridian point.

A good guideline for using essences is 3 or 4 times a day, or you can determine the frequency or method by dowsing or muscle-testing.

If you wish, the essences can be provided as small sugar pilules, please ask .

Individual experiences with essences will vary. Sometimes there may be strong reaction, emotional or other. If this is uncomfortable, reduce or stop for a while. Remember, these essences help you to change yourself - they do not create change by themselves.

Although Green Man Essences & Sovereignty Essences may help to remove underlying imbalances and increase self-healing, they do not replace medical attention. If you have a health concern see a qualified medical practitioner.

Green Man Essences and Sovereignty Essences are members of The British Association of Flower Essence Producers - the trade association for producers of all types of essences. It gives guidance on the standards of production, labelling and advertising in accordance with the guidelines laid down by various UK governmental agencies.
Email: info@bafep.com Website: http://www.bafep.com

Online Catalogue | Essences | Miscellaneous |  Guidelines for essence use

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