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Online Catalogue | New Items

New Items

Online Catalogue | New Items

Essences Gymraeg - Welsh Essences

A small range of Welsh Essences linked closely to the energies of the Land

"y ddraig las" salve

Price: 6.00 / $7.92


y ddraig las salve (Blue Dragon Salve)

This was inspired by a salve made by a local farmer, Mr Price over 50 years ago.

The exact recipe for his salve did not get passed down to his relatives, apart from the inclusion of Preseli Bluestone.....

Held in an organic base, the salve contain gem essences of Preseli Bluestone and Copper, Dandelion flower essence and local environmental energies.

Useful for overworked muscles and limbs.

Sold in 30ml pots

The Essential Guide to Crystals

The Essential Guide to Crystals

Price: 10.99 / $14.51


A full colour, handy-sized, easy -to-refernce book gives details on over 100 crystals, complete with traditional uses, new techniques, crystal correspondences and much more.

Just republished from Watkins

From Duncan Baird Publishers.
ISBN 978-1-84483-879-0 (2010)
From Watkins
ISBN 978-1-84483-914-8 (2018)

Slightly larger edition of 'The Essential Crystal Handbook' also available here on the shop.

Online Catalogue | New Items

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