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New Items

New items in the latter half of 2020


* hand-made to order using traditional methods
* supplied at 'stock' level of dilution
* essences supplied as non-alcoholic pillules on request. (10mls size)

*Sprays * Combinations - Focus Fixes, Forest *Tree Flower
*Flower *Sovereignty * Mandala * Sacred Celtic
*Keys to the Green Kingdoms * Keys to Transformation
*Gem/Crystal * Dragonsmeet * Light * Sovereignty Chalice
*Test Kits

New prices effective from September 1st 2017 (no price change since 2012) to allow for increase in cost of bottles and tops. P&P now starts at £4.50 for UK orders and goes up from there.

Energy Cards

Energy Cards - non-liquid essences!

* Place under a glass or bottle of water to charge the water
* For energy protection
* For self-healing or self-development
* Handy for travel.
* charging bottle available


Simon and Sue have been writing books for over 20 years and have over 30 titles to their names.

Their books cover a wide range of topics that interest them and where they have gathered expertise:

* Tree Spirits and Plant Spirit Healing
* Crystal Healing and Therapy
* Colour Healing and Therapy
* Chakras
* Essences
* Preseli Bluestone
* Astrology

Some books are now available as PDFs - in this section

Preseli Bluestone (spotted and unspotted)

A selection of items made from same stone as some of the centremost circle of stones at Stonehenge.

This unspotted bluestone is sourced by Preseli Bluestones Limited.
Both English Heritage and Pembrokeshire County Council have confirmed that 'Preseli Bluestones Limited' has the legal right to quarry the bluestone from just outside the national park, in a nature-protected area. There have also been tests to show that the bluestone from there is the same composition as some of the remaining bluestones (dolerite) at Stonehenge.

Energy Tools

* For energy protection
* For self-healing or self-development
* Energy Cards
* Handy for travel.

Runes and Wood Artefacts

* Runes are at the centre of the native magical and shamanic traditions of North-Western Europe

* Runes are primarily a set of symbols that reflect all the energies of the universal magical alphabet used in spellweaving, talismans, divination and writing.

* All our rune work is combined with appropriate types of wood. .

More bowls and wood artefacts can be found on Simon's Etsy pages:

(you will need to copy and paste this link)

If you cannot see what you want, please contact us and we will be able to tell you what is possible for us to do.

LillyPad Greeting Cards

* Greeting cards linked to the Universe, Nature and plant spirits.

Simon's Fine Print Gallery

This is a gallery of original artwork by Simon H Lilly.

* All prints are Giclée printed on fine art paper.

* Giclée printing inks are long-lasting and fade-resistant.


Unique, hand-made Jewellery

* Crystal Healing Bracelets - these bring together colour and crystals.

* Silver Pendant linked to Goddess energies

*Tree Talisman Silver Pendants - linking the wearer to the Spirit of the Tree

* Silver items will be sent out by special delivery

* Shungite
* Gem Essences
* Wands
* Boxed sets of crystals and instructions for specific layouts/nets/doorways

Courses: Mandala C.S. & Institute of Crystal & Gem Therapists

Mandala Complementary Studies

Institute of Crystal & Gem Therapists

* secure online payments for all Registrations and Modules

ICGT Crystal Therapy Courses - Certificate & Diploma levels
MCS Colour Therapy Practitioner Diploma
MCS Flower Essence Practitioner Diploma
MCS Nutrition Advisors Diploma
MCS Green Man Essence Practitioner
MCS Anatomy & Physiology - Level 2
MCS Anatomy & Physiology - Level 3
MCS Tree Seer Course
MCS Working with Astrology

MCS/ICGT has online support for MCS/ICGT students with videos, audio files and downloads

Services offered by Simon & Sue

* 1-2-1 and small group teaching

* Personal Essence Mixes

* Personal Talismans

* Mentoring

* Consultancy

* Clinical Supervision

* Guidance & Astrology

* Tutorials

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