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Online Catalogue | Jewellery


Online Catalogue | Jewellery

Karpman Pendants with Silver

High quality crystals set in silver nicknamed the 'Bully Mix' works with the psychological pattern called the Karpman Drama Triangle or Deadly Drama Triangle

Silver Pendants (Plants & Trees)

Unique, hand-made silver jewellery

Silver Shaped Pendants linked to plant and tree spirit energy

Silver Tree Talismans

Silver Pendants (Goddess Energies)

Unique, hand-made Silver Pendants linked to the Mahavidya Goddesses and their companion energies

The Mahavidyas (Great Transcendent Wisdoms) are ten aspects of the Great Goddess of ancient Indian tradition expressed in striking, poetical and visual forms. They are powerful, unconstrained, non-judgmental and passionate. They are at the heart of all existence; they are the fabric of our own Being.
They bring us from illusion into Reality.

Each Mahavidya is a core aspect of creation and each can support us in specific ways.

All silver pendants are sent out by special delivery

Shungite Pendants

Shungite is estimated to be about 2 billion years old.

It is found only in the area of Russia near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia.

The most important mineral present in shungite is 'fullerene' or Carbon 60 mixed within a silica lattice.

It is an amorphous variety of carbon/graphite that looks like a cross between coal and jet.

People have found it to be excellent for use as electromagnetic shielding and effective in healing many conditions

Online Catalogue | Jewellery

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