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Online Catalogue | Essences


Online Catalogue | Essences

10mls Essence Boxed Sets

Boxed sets of essences for a specific range of issues or energy requrements

Sprays for Space Clearing and Energy Protection

All of our sprays can be used for personal protection and space clearing.

They are blends of flower, gem and light essences with hydrosols or hydrolats, (the edible, fine, uplifting water fraction created in the production of essential oils). They are therefore 'food-state' and are safe to ingest.

All our sprays have an added hydrosol so that you know you have sprayed it. The essence combination itself has no odour.

The energy of all of our sprays are available as 'energy cards' for charging water, - especially useful where use of or importing alcohol creates a problem.

Essences for Protection and Personal Energy Integrity

A selection of sprays, combinations and single essences that are useful for personal and environmental protection.

Focus Fixes

"Focus Fixes" are ten combination essences created especially to help family emotional emergencies. Each 'Focus Fix' is a unique synthesis of special tree, flower and light essences tailored to smooth our way through stressful times. Easy to choose, easy to use, simple and effective.

TUTS1 - one of these combinations has been the focus of successful research at the University of Plymouth.

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Forest Combinations

These essence combinations are made from the energy vibrations of particular trees, flowers and wavelengths of light. Initially, they were created to give therapists an effective tool with which they could quickly re-establish balance in their patient's energy state, so allowing much deeper healing work to be safely accomplished.

These essences have also been found to be very effective as "first-aid" after stress or trauma - be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

The "Meridian Energiser" has been specifically designed for this purpose.

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Tree Flower Essences

All our essences are made from the flowers of the trees by the traditional, handmade, sunlight method.

Colour Correspondences:
Chakra Correspondence
Element Correspondences

Each Essence is presented here with its energy symbol (10 mls) and an image of the tree/flower (30mls).

The energy symbol for each tree is available ina laminated card format - please see 'Energy Cards' in the "Energy tools for Healing" section

Flower Essences

There are 44 flower essences in the Green Man Range, which was modified in July 2015 to include some of the range formerly known as 'Shamanic Power Plants'.

All are made by the traditional 'sunlight' method.

They are arranged in alphabetical order of their common English name.

Colour Correspondences:
Chakra Correspondence
Element Correspondences

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Please note that our descriptions for each essence or essence combination are broad and there will always be unique pathways between each essence and an individual.

Ogham Tree Essences

These are a set of essences that are linked to the Ogham.

They have been especially prepared for The Elmtree Clinic and students of Ian Claxton but may be of interest to any student of Ogham.

Essences linked to the Ogham consonants and vowels are available as 10mls (singly and in a boxed sets)

Essences linked to the Ogham vowels are available as 30mls (singly and in a boxed set)

Light Essences

Fourteen vibrational essences that focus the healing power of light.

The 10mls size are available singly or in boxed sets of eleven, twelve or thirteen essences of your choice.

Each essence not only contains the essential vibration of a colour but is charged with dynamic shape that focuses the finest levels of the colour into the preparation.

Colour Correspondences:
Chakra Correspondence
Element Correspondences

Brilliant colour therapy tools!

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Essences Gymraeg - Welsh Essences

Essences made in Wales, specifically linking to the Land and History.

Sovereignty Essences

Sovereignty, The Goddess of the Land, is one of the major archetypes British and Irish tradition. Threads through many other cultures also tell of the Power in the Land that Man must be blessed by, to maintain a balance with Nature.

These essences can be seen as links or stepping stones towards reconnecting with the Land.

They can also help us to deal with the challenges of living at this time of rapid inner and outer change.

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Japanese Tree Flower Essences

20 Flower Essences made from Trees and Shrubs of Japan

Keys to the Green Kingdoms

A key that does not fit is simply an ornament.
A door that does not open is unnoticed by those passing by.
The Green Kingdoms overlay the physical presence of Nature with their spiritual (non-physical) realities.
In some places a thin veil only separates land from land so the music of one interweaves that of the other.

'Keys to the Green Kingdoms' are environmental essences made in the Western Isles, the Hebrides, which retain mythic ambiguity and so the language of the ordinary everyday stutters and falls silent.

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Keys for Transformation

This is a set of 8 environmental essences made in Iceland during December 2011.

The energies of this island and the attitudes of its people have much to offer in these challenging times.

The people have shown their independence and willingness to stand up for what they feel is right by distancing themselves from damaging global economic issues and seeking justice from those they believe to be the cause of their nation's financial problems.

The power of the Land to create and destroy brings an acceptance of change outside of any personal control.
It shows how to find the best in situations that are not of our own choosing and how to deal with constant movement from one state to another.

Lying on the junction of two tectonic plates, the Land also represents a bridge between two places, two extremes and how to find security in any situation when there is no obvious source or guidance.

Mandala Essences

A mandala is a map or diagram of a particular spiritual state. Each element in the design leads to the central point of Realisation.

Mandala Essences were made in Nepal and conceived as providing clarity and context for those times in our lives when we feel we need spiritual help - when our motivation, goals, purpose and direction become unclear and when we start to question our long-held values and beliefs.

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Sacred Celtic Essences

The Sacred Celtic Essences range has been created by Jemma Warren who was born and brought up close to Mynydd Preseli in Wales. 

She now lives in Devon with her growing family but retains a very close relationship with her native Land. 

She hopes you enjoy the experience of re-connecting with the lost, sacred, precious Welsh stone, Preseli Bluestone.

Gem Essences

Traditionally made gem and crystal essences.

We have included here the 'Top Ten' of the most useful and not-easy- to-get gem essences, with a selection of tourmaline essences plus the Preseli Bluestone Essences.

We have hundreds of gem essences, so have given the option to order your personal requirements. The list with that choice is only indicative of what we have, as they are too numerous to list online.

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Sovereignty Chalice Essences

These are gem essences that have been created on each of the eight traditional feast days of the year.
These days also represent stations in the changing flow of energies we experience here on plant Earth.
These essences help us to integrate and go with the flux and flow of these natural energies, to link into the planet on which we live and to be comfortable with being 'here'.

Each essence has been made from a tourmaline crystal of a different colour

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.

Dragonsmeet Essences

There are the ranges of essences:

Elements Range: This is a range linked to the elements of Fire, Earth, Air/Wood, Water and Metal and a few other important places . These essences were made from water at the sites of sacred springs linked to each element.

White Dragon Range.. This range is linked to 9 sacred sites in the Boyne Valley in Ireland. These essences are helpful when dealing with issues of integrating your spiritual path into your daily life.

All our essences can be supplied as non-alcoholic pilules on request.



Unlisted and Personal essences
Boxes for 10 mls essences
Guidelines for essence use

Online Catalogue | Essences

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