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Online Catalogue | Essences | Dragonsmeet Essences

Dragonsmeet Essences

Online Catalogue | Essences | Dragonsmeet Essences

Dragon Colour Essences

These colour essences are linked to the yearly cycle of Full Moons.

They either be used as part of a ritual or ceremony for the appropriate Full Moon or used at any time to transform the energies and belief systems linked to the colour or the zodiac sign or Moon placement.

Dragon Elemental Essences

These are a limited edition set of essences.

These essences contain the water collected at the sacred springs, waterfalls and wells linked to the elements, fire, earth, air and water.

These essences can be used to reconnect to the core elements of the physical world through water.

Each sacred place has a special relationship with the planet and to the many pilgrims who have visited them.

White Dragon Essences

These are a range of environmental essences made at sacred sites in the Boyne Valley in Ireland.

Nowadays it is difficult for many of us to take pilgrimages to a series of sacred places as part of our spiritual path.

This range of essences will help you do that.

The essences are held in water from the sacred Dragon spring from Mt Kurama in Japan, where Dr Usui received the original Reiki symbols. This is another place that is a focus of pilgrimage and that also has a strong link to the energy of the planet.

These essences are best taken on the dark or new moon - if possible in the 1-9 sequence, for the optimum effect and benefit. However each one can help you through difficult patches on your spiritual journey.

Online Catalogue | Essences | Dragonsmeet Essences

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