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Online Catalogue | LillyPad Greeting Cards

LillyPad Greeting Cards

Online Catalogue | LillyPad Greeting Cards

Irfon Valley Cards

Cards from the Irfon Valley, Wales

Greeting Card Groups

Group of Greeting cards

5 x A6 with envelopes - minimal postage (e.g £2 for UK)

Preseli Bluestone Greeting Cards

A6 cards with images linked to Stonehenge and Preseli Bluestone

Mahavidya Collection - Greeting Cards

The Mahavidya Collection

Ancient Indian seers conceived of Time and Space, entire existance as manifestations of the God and Goddess, Siva and Shakti, the inner reality of which the Universe is an outer echo. Through understanding and knowldge of these forces we can attain the limitless supreme bliss of Reality.

These cards represent these and their related energies.

Power Plant Greeting Cards

These are images of the energy spirit of power plants.

All Greeting card images are the copyright of Simon H Lilly

Online Catalogue | LillyPad Greeting Cards

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